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  • Comprehensive annual eye examinations for all ages, including 3D digital mapping & imaging of the ocular surface and other structures including the retina and optic nerve.

  • Visual fields examinations (check your vision beyond 20/20 acuity > including virtual reality and functional visual fields assessments.

  • Right Eye > Eye-Q health / dynamic visual skills  & ReadAlyzer / Lexilens evaluation.

  • ERG (Electro Retinogram) evaluations. 

  • VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessments™ combining imaging and functional tests, drawing on strengths from the most trusted brain assessments used clinically today.

  • Certified Zelinsky Z-Bell Auditory / Visual Integrative Testing and Mind - Eye Connection  prescriptions (including prisms / tints) and therapy.

  • Neuro-optomety  examination and management.

  • TBI / ABI Concussion / traumatic brain injury  vision therapy & neuro - rehabilitation.

  • HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance)

  • Behavioural / developmental optometry.

  • Vision therapy / learning & rehabilitation.

  • Virtual Reality Vision Training, VIVID VISION & HTS SYSTEMS therapy.

  • Syntonics / optometric phototherapy.

  • Optical dispensary with an extensive selection of fashion frames and individual custom eyeglass lens choices, including sunglasses, safety, sports, dry eye therapy and neuro-designs.

  • All types of soft contact lenses including disposable, extended wear, toric, multifocal, specialty lenses & complex designs including myopia control.

  • Scleral / rigid gas permeable / hybrid contact lenses.

  • Orthokeratology (Eye Braces / Ortho K) & Advanced Orthokeratology treatments (AOK).

  • Myopia Control & Corneal Refractive Therapy, including Atropine and Homeopathic treatment.

  • Dry Eye, MGD, Ocular Surface Disease Clinic, including eye drops and ocular surface management dispensary, LipiFlow (TearScience), IPL/IRL/RF treatment options.

  • Bio-photo-modulation treatments BPMT / (Polarized polychromatic Incoherent Low Light Level Therapy PPI LLLT)

  • Blephex & AB-Max treatments.

  • Blepha-Steam treatments.

  • Nu-Lids treatments and training.

  • PEMF / PEMA / IMRS / CENTROPIX integrative treatments.

  • Laser refractive surgery (including all LASIK & PRK types, as well as Refractive lens exchange co-management.

  • Optometric clinical homeopathy.

  • Nutrigenetic testing and management.

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching, including Doctor recommended Nutraceuticals dispensary.

  • Integrative Health Coaching consultation

  • AO Scan Analysis > and Energize your glasses (wellness)

  • Sports vision / training.

  • Human Performance Neurotech VoxxLife




Dr. Susana Sebestyen

HB.Sc., O.D., F.A.A.O., P.V.T., C.E.D.H., P.N.1/2, P.M.B.A., I.H.C., I.M.D., D.H.S. 

President, CEO, Clinic Director

Doctor of Optometry & Optometric Clinical Homeopathy

Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Practical Vision Therapist

Precision Nutrition Coach

Integrative Health Coach

Integrative Medicine Doctor

Doctor of Humanitarian Services

Dr. Otti Vencel,

HB.Sc., O.D. 

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Andrea Martins,

HB.Sc., O.D. 

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Arshdeep Grewal

HB.Sc., O.D. 

Doctor of Optometry


Gabriela Beregszaszi, 

C.C.O.A., P.V.T., Emergent VT.

Office manager & Sea Best Partner

Certified Optometric Assistant 

Certified Vision Therapist

Certified Ocular Hygienist

Jasmina Antic,

C.C.O.A., P.V.T., Emergent VT.

Certified Optometric Assistant 

Certified Vision Therapist

Certified Ocular Hygienist

Joseph Thomas,

C.C.O.A., P.V.T., H.I.

Certified Optometric Assistant

Certified Vision Therapist

Certified Ocular Hygienist

Grace Szczotka,

C.C.O.A., Emergent VT.

Certified Optometric Assistant

Vision Therapist

Certified Ocular Hygienist

Isabela Ragalie,

C.C.O.A., P.V.T., Emergent VT.

Certified Optometric Assistant

Certified Vision Therapist

Certified Ocular Hygienist

Anna Mizgalewicz,


Certified Optometric Assistant

Sarah Salman,

Claudia Nowak, 

Vanessa Ebiaru

Medical / optometry students in training

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